About Complete Support Services

Complete Support Services is a family-run establishment which has combined the two key areas of support our clients require.

Our Mission
Our core mission is to provide you reliable Personal Assistants.. When you believe in someone, that belief alone can help them succeed. For Complete Support Services it’s not just what we believe in, it’s who we believe in. When you need our help we believe in you. We believe in your ability not your disability; your strengths, not your weaknesses; your dreams, not your fears. This belief helps us give children, young adults and families the support that best suits their individual needs.

Our Values
We believe that everyone has the right be a valued and contributing member of their local community irrespective of any disabilities and will support our service users to undertake any community based activities/pastimes or interests that they wish to pursue.

We understand the importance of family contact to the service users and value the ongoing and regular involvement of families in service provision and decision making. We believe very strongly in supporting service users to maintain regular and meaningful family contact.

Our Services
For further information, please see our relevant pages under ‘Services’ above.

Our Areas of Work
We mainly work in East Lancashire. We are based in Nelson, Lancashire. However, dependant on your needs, we can discuss with you wherever you are in the United Kingdom.